Chemistry Geek!

Chemistry Geek!

Who the HELL are you calling a geek?  Me!  Well thank you what an honor.  Yes, I have loved science especially chemistry since I was a child.  Formulas have always fascinated me.  To watch the end results is so amazing.  Actually, we are all chemist in our own way some of you just are not using actual chemicals.  Whether you are a chef, baker, maker, renovator, etc.  The result of your work is still rewarding to see.

 I’ve had several customers which I don’t like that word anymore, because you are more than customers.  We are have become friends and family.  Any who.  I have had several of you reach out to me for various things.  It could be just because you needed someone to talk to, or you had a special request or need.  Oh, you were unaware that behind the scenes I do more than just run a brand.  Well my brand wouldn’t be what is if I couldn’t truly be who I am.

 I am just like anyone else.  I have issue, problems, and concerns.  However, on any given day I will always find away to keep pushing forward.  An most of you don’t even know that you are the reason, along with my children of why I do what I do.  The satisfaction of knowing that I was able to put a smile on your face means more to me than anything. 

Recently I received an email from a concerned friend regarding her husband’s eczema.  She inquired about my eczema balm and I provided her with the details.  Now I could have just ended our conversation there, but I was truly concerned because there are all types of stages of eczema.  Guess what? My suspicious were right.  For her husband I am actually infusing some botanical's in our for a special base just for him.  That’s right a special base.  I am by no means a doctor or a healer, but I believe God gave me a special gift and I am walking in my purpose.  My friend was nice enough to share some photos with me.  I would like you to take the journey with me as we watch his transformation.  Now understand this he has suffered with this for quite some time.  An like I said I am not a doctor nor do I guarantee that it will cure anything.  What I do state is that I believe that natural oils, butters and botanicals have awesome benefits.  We are solely working with all-natural plant base vegan ingredients.

After reviewing the pictures from a two week time frame.  What I noticed from the picture on the left to right.  Is that his skin doesn't look at tight.  I see a slight change in skin tone that has lighten just a tab bit.  I can't wait to see what it looks like after 90 days.

Stay tune an let's take this journey together.  If you have a need an looking for some eczema relief give it try here today.


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