Badass Boss Squad

Badass Boss Squad

I’ve often been asked, why do you connect with people who do the same thing you do?  I’m like a beg your pardon.   I’m not quite sure I understand what you mean?  The individual replies well you make candles, body care products and so do they.  Why on heavens earth would you connect with the competition?  Oh, I get what you are trying to say.  Why would I support amazing companies that are busting their ass to provide a product or service to people and create generational wealth like me?  Well first let me start off by saying you need you change your mind set.  I never looked at supporting other makers like myself as competition.  When one shines, we all shine.  Competition to me is running the 100-yard dash, then again, my cocky ass still will say this is not a competition (Tee Hee). I digress sorry I was a track runner.  Competitions are competitive sports to me.  Not competing with Brands thank are offering community awareness, such as clean natural products, self care and graphics designers that take you dream to reality. 

So, listen up.  To those who are looking to start a business or are already in business to compete with the next business.  I wish you luck, because your focus is in the wrong place.  I have surrounded myself around some Badass Bosses, that just create for you because they love what they do.  No, we do not talk everyday because we have work to do.  I will say this there has not been a day that if I were to reach out to either one them, that they haven’t taken the time out to answer a question or provide some guidance, encouragement or just allow me to vent.  An for that I call them BABS.  There is nothing like a team of people who love to see you shine.  An when we can figure out that working together in unity is the key to success, we will no longer be stuck in a cycle that will never prevail. I have listed a few oh my B.A.B.S below.  Be sure to follow in support. My squad is better than yours.  I am not competing just stating facts.

This goes out to all the B.A.B.S:

AJA Naturals



Bask and Bloom


Butter Depot


Natural Annie Essentials


Pulp & Pixel


Where Women Bloom



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