So you’re a little curious to find out who we are.  Let me help you out.  Addictive Apothecary is a family based business.  That was created because of my daughter.  My daughter wanted to have more mommy daughter time.  She asked me if we could make candles together since I was always buying them and often unhappy with them.  Well after looking at her strangely.  I told her that would be impossible.  So she replied why.  Needless to say I was unable answer her.

After much research in learning the process of how candles are made, along with finding quality suppliers.  We started giving them away as gifts, selling them at our local flea market for fun.  There started to be a high demand for our candles.  Friends and family members would place orders for gifts.  Then it appeared that the word was getting about our candles.   The rave began, an here we are Addictive Apothecary

We found out during our research that there are several products on the market that include unnecessary chemicals in our daily used cosmetic products that have or could and adverse effect with our health.  This concerned me and got me to thinking.  I use shower gel or soap everyday, along with lotion.  I suffer from a mild skin condition called eczema.  The lotions that are on the market today when applied soothed the area for the moment, but dried my skin out more.  Which is not good for individuals who suffer from eczema.  So I thought to myself years ago before factories, machinery.  We use to use all natural products that worked wonderfully.  We lost track of this because me felt the need to mass-produce, to get more money. 

Because of this I believe in taking time to develop an all-natural and quality product to assist with the preservation of our temple, which is our body.  We create are products in small batches.

Addictive Apothecary has taken our product line back to basic.  We offer all natural products from our candles to our bath and body line.  If it's not safe for my family to use, it's not safe for you and your family.  Every single product that we offer is hand crafted to ensure the highest quality possible.


Millicent E. Richardson