I'm Not Hiding The Butters

The Butters

With the cold weather amongst us our skin can go through so much damage if not properly moisturized. Not only can the weather cause serve dryness and itchy and scratchy skin. Medication can do this as well.
Most individuals will run to the store to get their favorite scented lotion mainly for the smell. Just to have to keep reapplying it more often then you should. Don't get me wrong lotions for some people, but most of us it because useless. Reason being lotions #1 ingredient is water. Think about water evaporates right. So as soon as you apply it your skin very little moisture is being absorb into your skin. The rest is evaporating.
There are several natural ingredients out on the market today that will make you rethink your purchase of lotions. Body Balms are an excellent source of providing moisture to your skin. Most individuals get scared when you tell them it includes butters. Let me explain. Shea Butter, Mango Butter, Cocoa Butter, Illipe Butter and etc. are amazingly moisturizing. Especially when formulated with skin refining oils such as Avocado, Sweet Almond, Hemp Seed, Carrot Oil. The list goes on. Once you have tried the butters you'll we be so mad that you have not been using them along.
Let me stop right here. I have the perfect person to tell you all about the butters. Her name is Heather better known as H3ADY1313 from YouTube. Be sure to subscribe to her YouTube page and check her out on Facebook at Heady1313. She is an amazing women and hilarious too.


So I told her all the secrets...HAHAHA.  I think there might be some more, but she knows my door is always open for questions.  I will share one very important secret that I shared with Heather. I asked her if she has ever heard the saying "Black Don't Crack". This saying stems from most blacks never looking their actual age. Most of them look years younger. Reason being a lot of us do not believe in sun bathing, not all but most.
Let me see how I can explain why sun bathing is extremely damaging to the skin. I got it... So when you put a potato in the oven or microwave. What happens? The skin of the potato begins to wrinkle. Why? Because of the excessive heat that goes into cooking the inside of the potato for your pleasure. The sun does the exact same thing to our skin. Sunscreen can only do so much.
Tip of the Day: Enjoy the sun an soak up that great Vitamin D, but don't overdo it. Once you go inside. Take a nice shower and then apply your moisturizer to rejuvenate you skin. Not lotion a nice body balm.

Do You Need Some Butters?

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