2016 Show In Tell

For 2016 Show In Tell...I had some many friends and customers say "OMG I love this so much", but then say I have to hide it from my daughter, sister, mother or co-worker.  Don't hide it share the love.  We're asking you to no longer hide all your goodies.  Let everyone else see your goodies.  Just remember I am talking about Addictive Apothecary goodies ONLY.  Not your precious jewels. 
We hear that I do not want someone else smelling like me.  I am here to set the record straight.  No one else can smell like you.  Each of our body chemistries are unique to us.  That's what makes you so special.
To help give you a little nudge.  We are adding something so very special for you and a friend or even a family member.  I almost spoiled the surprised.  This is so hard to keep all this to myself.  My daughter is making me keep my mouth shut... Oh well you just have to stay tuned for new an exciting things coming soon....

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Melba Mullings

I found this product at the Naturalista Hair Show in September 2017 in Silver Spring, MD and fell in love. My first purchase from them was the Cashmere Sugar Scrub and Body Balm and the Ginger Peach Body Balm. It left my skin so soft and hydrated and smelling great. I wanted to try the Body Butters. So I purchased the Pink Sugar butter and body balm because I wear a cologne called Pink Sugar. When it arrived to my amazement it was the exact same fragrance as my cologne. I was in love. So of course I had to get the Pink sugar scrub, the Ginger Peach scrub and the Cashmere butter to complete my sets. The butters are so moisturizing and will be perfect for winter dry skin.

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