What A Year...

2015 what a year!!!  I don't know about you, but can you say ROLLER COASTER.  This year has been amazing.  Don't get me wrong there have been some road blocks along the way.  Along with some sad moments personally with lost in the family.  However even with lose there is always a brighter way of looking at things.  Once you get yourself together.  A lost of a love one is never easy.  I know I might sound crazy for saying this, but sometimes jealousy sinks in.  No worries about the world, no more stress and heartache.

On a good note.  I was able to cross off task from my To Do List.  After years of working and searching for graphic designers that understood me.  I finally found my go to company.  They are a Canadian based business an are freaking amazing.  This is a special thank you to Pulp & Pixel for taking the time to make our dream a reality.  We have so much more coming for the upcoming new year.  It's so hard to keep it a secret. 

Ok, Yes I am a tease, but don't you just love the suspense...LOL.

My daughter and I would like to thank each and everyone of you for making 2015 such an epic year.  We pray that you and your family have a Wonderful and Joyous Christmas!




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